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Sunday, December 31, 2006

How Do I Love Thee?

I have no words to describe my love affair with You Tube.

I love that it allows me to upload videos of my children for my family and friends to see.

I love that I can watch creative videos made by people much funnier than myself.

And I love that I can locate obscure pieces of television footage like this one:

This commercial made me smile everytime it came on. Even the boys loved it! (Well, the two that we had at the time. ) We haven't seen Joe Boxer in several years, and I'm thrilled to find that someone has put it on You Tube. 15 seconds of joy. You can't help but smile.

Happy New Year!


At 7:25 PM , Anonymous Becca said...

Oh, I love YouTube too! I'm visiting my brother this week and we spend an afternoon with the laptops and YouTube saying, "Wait, you gotta watch this one!" It's just so awesome.


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