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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's A Milestone!

Colson conquered the "staying dry during the day" goal nearly a year ago, but the "staying dry during the night" milestone has been a tougher battle.

For the last two weeks we've had a "Dry Boy Chart" posted in his room, and every morning he wakes up dry he gets to put an "X" on the chart. After 12 dry nights, he got to go to Toys R Us** and buy something special.

A careful observer might notice the scribbles across the chart. Colson had made the first 10 X's very neatly and carefully. On the 11th day, Brogan convinced him to embellish the X's. Together they scribbled across the chart and onto the wall. They excitedly ran and pulled me into the room to see their artwork. They were so proud of it, and it wasn't until I began speaking again that they realized that maybe coloring on the wall wasn't a good thing.

Monday was the big day, and after school was done we hit the store. Colson quickly discovered this cache of Star Wars figures (for preschoolers), and then walked around the store carrying it as we looked at all the other toys he might like. (He wanted to be sure that he'd picked his favorite toy.) It was so cute! He looked so big carrying this box around the store on his little legs.

*sigh* No more diapers. I'll almost miss them.

**For some reason the littles have always called it "Toys By Us." I'm not sure why. It started with Brogan, and then by the time he said it correctly, Colson started in.


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