No Harm Done

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It seems like I've been posting about Braden an awful lot lately, but goodness- he's growing up so quickly. Every time I turn around I'm surprised by something.

Recently the boys and I were picking up our swagger waggon from the mechanic in the Big City. The Big City is a huge college town, and as we stood in line Braden and I were chatting with a college girl behind us.

She was carrying college textbooks, and so I'd asked her about her major, what other classes she had, etc.

Toward the end of the conversation she turned to Braden, who was wearing the University's sweatshirt, and said, "So how about you? What's your major?"

Puzzled, he hesitated and looked at me. I answered for him, "He's in 8th grade."

"Oh! " She briefly looked surprised and then turned the conversation to other things.

As we walked to our car, Braden asked "Why did she ask me what my major was?"

"She thought you were in college," I answered.

"Wow! This haircut really does make me look older!" he said, walking a little bit taller to the car.


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