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Monday, April 20, 2009

What Have We Been Up To Lately?

Last week M. got some fantastic tickets from someone at work, so we packed up all the boys, plus another that we recruited from the neighborhood, drove to the big city, and spent the afternoon watching college baseball.

The weather was gorgeous: 70 degrees, with a light breeze. Our tickets were split up, with two people sitting in one section, and four people sitting in another. They were all actual seats, though.

The last game we went to we sat in the General Admission section. The section was fine, and we had a great time, but we were unaware when we went to the stadium that those people with General Admission tickets don't actually get seats. There are large grassy areas for people to lay out blankets or chairs, and a large patio area filled with picnic tables. We ended up sitting on a picnic table on the third base line, near the bullpen.

M. knows how much I like baseball, so this weekend he graciously allowed me to have the lower seats, behind home plate.

This was my view:

I know. Right?! Great seats. Awesome seats. Brogan and Colson took turns sitting with me.

We saw everything up close, watched a third base coach get ejected from the game, and listened to the uber-fans surrounding us. The people in the seats around us knew everything about the home team: player names, stats for both players and coaches, season and team history. It was so much fun to listen to them!

M. had nice seats as well, but his were a little farther away:

I couldn't actually see him, but I knew he was there.

In the end, our home team lost. Painfully. But with such good seats and beautiful weather we didn't care. We all had a great time!


At 1:27 AM , Blogger Darin said...

LOVE the BSU Sweatshirt!!!

At 8:17 AM , Anonymous Marsha said...

So the Nebraska fans in Topeka, KS are extremely jealous!!!
See you,

At 10:38 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep buyin the red gear, you can wear it in Wisconsin as well.

At 10:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like the new profile picture. Is it new or old. Can't tell.


At 1:49 PM , Anonymous JAM said...

And who is that loooong legged, loooong haired boy in the BSU sweatshirt?? (Sorry for the belated comment . . .)


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