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Sunday, November 12, 2006

I Always Knew I Was....Unique
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Hat tip to Ramblin' Educat.


At 3:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a Mennonite homeschooler in Ottawa who shares my name and orders the same curriculum as I do. When I first ordered, I was called and asked if I'd moved.


At 3:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I learned there is 1 other person in the US with my name; 1 other with my husband's name (that must be his cousin!); 6 others with our 3rd child's name; and 0 with the others' (although there are MANY with their 1st names -- except for child #5 -- her name was not found in the database -- now that's unique!).

At 7:02 PM , Anonymous jam said...

2213. I'm surprised the number was so low.


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