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Monday, October 24, 2005

Shopped 'Till We Dropped

Today M. had the day off, so we piled in the car and drove to the big mall in the big city.

Wow! That place was fun! We got all of our Christmas shopping done, except for what we'll do for the boys. We don't hit the mall very often, and we'd never been to this particular one, so it was pretty exciting for the boys. (And me too!)

We walked, and purchased, and window-shopped until we were exhausted. The music was kind of fun, though at times they played tunes that reminded me of cartoon soundtracks. I felt like I was shopping in a Wallace and Gromit movie.

**Side Note** Speaking of Wallace and Gromit, we took the boys to see the movie this weekend. Very fun! We all enjoyed it and had a great time. Even Colson, on which most of the humor was lost, got the basic idea of the movie. 10 thumbs up from us!

We ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. It was pretty deserted on a weekday, so the boys had the run of the place, with a waitress giving them the grand tour. We'd never eaten at this place before. The is the first restaurant where we didn't have to entertain the boys while we waited for our food. M. and I actually got to talk a bit!

When we returned home, we found the builders had primed our basement and painted the family room, hallway, and storage room. There's not much left for them to finish. Linoleum comes this week, carpet the next. Doors and woodwork are ready to go on. It feels like we're in the home stretch!


At 11:58 PM , Blogger Lori said...

I was just reading Plato, and I came across that quote. It had been a controversial subject in the apartment and the xanga world.

I do think that people should be responsible and not have so many babies that they can't take care of them. But I do admit that somethings just don't stop people, especially when they act without thinking.

I think Plato's whole line of thinking was that if you have to many kids and you can't take care of them, some of them are going to die. Therefore, people will figure this out and not have a plethora of them. Meaning they will be responsible enough to be able to take care of their kids.

I hope that helps. :-)

At 9:26 AM , Anonymous Melissa said...

When I lived in Hays, people from western KS flocked to our town's main attraction: The Mall. That's what it was called! The two main stores were Sears and JCP, I think. It wasn't much, but it was the shopping mecca for the region. I got ribbed a lot about that by friends in eastern KS. :)

We took our kids to W&G too on Sophie's bday. They loved it! That was their first theater movie besides IMAX films. I liked Chicken Run better than W&G.

How exciting that your basement is almost done!

At 9:25 PM , Blogger Donna Boucher said...

Happy Birthday Hillary!

I hope your birthday was full of love and laughter and cake!



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