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Monday, May 09, 2005

I Refuse to Feel Guilty

I kept repeating that phrase as I drove the boys to the zoo. We've missed so much school with both moves this year that I've really been keeping our noses to the grindstone in order to finish this school year before the next one is supposed to start.

But today the weather was gorgeous: warm, sunny, and only slightly breezy. We've discovered that it's a bit harder to judge the weather here. From your window, it might look sunny and beautiful, but once you step outside you discover that the wind is blowing 25-30 miles per hour, and it's too cold to wear shorts and a T-shirt. Or it may look gray and dreary from the window, but once outside you learn it's 80 degrees out and muggy, with not a leaf stirring.

Today was not a day we could, in good conscience, spend inside. We cancelled school and went to the zoo. I felt tremendously guilty about putting off school, until I pulled into the parking lot and spotted 2 school busses parked there. So we joined the government-schoolers on their field trip! :)

We hit 88 degrees this afternoon, and the kids and I played in the driveway after naptime. Our yard is still very much mud, with a few jints of grass scattered about. I couldn't set up a sprinkler for the boys to run through in the yard, so they ran around the driveway while I sprayed them with the hose. The older two loved it, but Colson was afraid of the water. He sat on the shady step and drank, ummm........., blew bubbles.


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