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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's That Time of Year!

Time for VBS!!!

Every year we encourage people to pre-register their children so that they can be assigned to groups and we know how to plan for them. Yet every year it seemed there would only be a handful of people who would pre-register, and massive lines on the first morning of VBS would frustrate everyone.

So last year I rounded up a couple of friends and their children, and we made a video to encourage as many people as possible to pre-register. The video was a hit, and it worked amazingly well!

This year they're using it again. Even though we don't attend the church anymore, it's my hope that the video will encourage you to pre-register your children at whatever VBS you attend!


At 5:27 PM , Anonymous Jan said...

Love the video! Even though I'm not involved in VBS anymore, it really took me back to that dreaded first-day-of-VBS registration chaos!


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