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Friday, February 26, 2010

It Gets Me Every Time

We've been watching a lot of Olympics here over the past two weeks. As if the athletes and their often inspirational stories weren't enough, this commercial gets me every time.

Every. time. I. see. it.

I don't think it would have affected me like this when the boys were little. When they were small, I was so much a part of everything they did. But as they are getting older I can watch them beginning to spread their wings; taking their first steps on the road away from M. and me. I understand that even though they will eventually be taller than me and on their own. But they will always be children in my heart and in my head.

I am in touch with several of my former 4th grade students. All of them have grown up, and many are parents themselves. I tease them all that they are all still 10 years old when I think of them. They can send me all the pictures of themselves and their beautiful families, they can tell me about their careers and their travels around the world, but it doesn't change a thing. They are still small.

I see my oldest playing piano for senior citizens at a local care center, and I remember when he played his first notes on the keyboard. I see my middle son swim at a meet and remember when he and I blew bubbles in a "Mommy and Me" class. I see my youngest show off his sweet moves on a wedding reception dance floor, and I remember him taking his first wobbly steps.

I think life as a parent is a series of small separations. Our children are always moving away from us, into the lives that God has planned for them. However, no matter how big my children get - when they are grandparents themselves - I'll probably still see them as preschoolers. No matter what they do, my heart will be right there next to them. Watching them. Worrying over them. Holding my breath.

Thank you Lord, for the privilege of parenting. Thank you that, at least in one way, our children will never grow up.


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